Home Renovation Electrical Safety Tips

Every household is likely to need renovations at a certain point in time.   Because renovations can pretty much hurt the budget, some of us opt to do it on our own.  However, there are certain kinds of repairs that are not really intended for non-professionals, especially those that involve electricity. Legal requirements aside, how important is the safety of you and your family?  As such, electrical jobs are best left to the professionals.

There are several petty repair jobs that can be done by non-expert homeowners.  These include installing battery-operated smoke detectors, pond pumps, garden solar powered lights, light bulbs, and self-contained solar-lights.  The rest of the electrical works that gets into the category of manufacturing, installing, testing, maintaining, repairing, changing, removing, and replacing of electrical equipment should be carried out by licensed electricians.  However, there are several useful tips that can be followed to ensure safety especially when home renovations are on the process.

Electrical safety tips for home renovations:

It takes a lot of caution to avoid real risks and hazards especially when the matter involved is electricity because it can seriously cause massive and detrimental damage.  It is very important to take time to embrace the principles of safe operation at any given time. Your household rules should include safety handling of appliances, light bulbs, cords, and other equipment because the most effective solutions are those preventive measures no matter how simple they are.  Appliances that are not in used should be unplugged and their cords should be safely tucked away from children, pets, or any perilous circumstances.  Do not attempt to repair them singlehandedly without proper knowledge but see to it to follow instructions carefully.  Cords must be frequently checked for cracks and kinks especially before using.  They must be firmly plugged into outlets and should be secured in place using tape or twist ties.  Most importantly, use the cord for its sole purpose and not for anything other than it is intended.  The outlets should not be overloaded with multiple power strips and adaptors. For those that are placed in hazardous areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and pool areas, install ground fault circuit interrupter outlets to avoid electric-related accidents.

Most electrical safety tips are built around good old common sense and appropriate tools.  It is important to think before you act and never deviate from its legal rules.   If unsure, call a licensed and qualified electrical contractor, like myself.   My direct number is 0438 026 531 – servicing the Bayside, Redlands and surrounding areas.