8 Things to Consider When Hiring an Electrical Contractor

Hiring an electrical contractor is the one thing when it comes to repair, renovation or new work – whether that be in commercial, industrial or residential areas.  This is because the role of electricians is critical and important. Electrical jobs are not something that should be tackled by any old handy person.  Besides electrical work not completed by the right person, it puts that person at risk, it can void your insurance and can potentially cause thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars in damages.   Problems arising from electrical failures can lead to dangerous accidents such as fires and death.  The responsibilities of an electrical contractor are often overwhelming and cannot be taken for granted.


Here are the most important factors to consider when hiring an electrical contractor:


1.  Licenses and Certifications

This is basically the most significant question you need to ponder on.  Is the electrician licensed and insured? It is just imperative that you hire an electrical contractor that has all the proper licenses and certificates because he will be dealing with a huge accountability in your household. Each state has a policy on issuing licenses, check whether the preferred contractor meets them. Make sure that their business has the license to operate under state regulations. In addition, verify if the electrician has proper insurance.  The licensing exists to protect you – the consumer.

2.  Permits and Inspections

It is the job of the electrical contractor to secure the required permits and inspections from the proper authorities. Make sure that you hire electricians who will complete this task for you.  Lack of appropriate documentation for any electrical modifications may cause problems when it comes to selling your property.  This applies to most trades, from building a swimming pool through to roofing.

3.  Experience

It is important that the electrical contractor you are going to hire has a satisfactory experience in carrying out electrical tasks. Although the experience requirements may vary depending on the extent and difficulty of work, settle on electricians with at least three years of experience.  This will ensure that there will be enough client feedback available for you to review.

4.  Warranty

An excellent electrical contractor company will offer an equally good warranty.  If they are offering a warranty on the parts and labour, this is a positive sign that they are prepared to vouch for the quality of their work and is convinced enough that their jobs will be considered as more than satisfactory to clients.  Also, check out the term of the warranty by how long it is effective. The standard warranty is a 1-year term.

5.  Continuing Education

Although electrical contractor companies will not hire electricians without proper knowledge and training, it is still vital that these electricians get continuing education to maintain and upgrade their comprehension and skills. Look for electrical contractors that continue to sharpen their skill set and knowledge by attending seminars, training and workshops especially with relevance to up-to-date electrical safety and best practices.

6.  Quality of Work

Another important factor to look for is the quality of the electrician's work. Some indicators include customer reviews and feedback from the company’s website. Moreover, word of mouth and testimonies from mutual acquaintances such as relatives, neighbours and friends who have hired the same contractors is probably the best pointer. You can also ask the contractors for references.

7.  National Electrical Code

Rules, regulations, and codes relating to houses and commercial buildings are constantly being changed and updated. Most often, the significant changes are done for safety requirements and electrical and technology improvements. Look for electrical contractor companies that keep up with the constantly changing codes and qualifications. Qualified electricians are required to attend customary safety briefings and ongoing training as part of their steadfast development to stay current with the National Electrical Code.

8.  Cost of Service

Another important factor to consider is the cost of service. While it should not be that contractors with the lowest charge are considered the right one, they should at least be truthful with the cost estimate that is accurate and free from hidden costs.  Always be mindful with too low quotations as this might be indication of low-quality products and workmanship.   Some contractors will refuse to install some products – purely because they know that product range is of poor quality and they know it’s likely to break down sooner rather than later.   Whilst paying a little more at the time, it will save you long term as the work will last longer.

There might be a lot of electrical contractors around your location – giving you many choices.   However, not all companies offer the same services especially when it comes to work ethics.   Consider also if they are friendly, courteous, show up on time, leave the site clean and are happy to listen and answer your questions. It always helps to have someone to call in case of electrical emergencies. Prior to these crisis occurrences, you should be able to choose which electrical contractors to hire.  Ponder on the above-mentioned factors to choose the best one in your locality.

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