Electrical Safety for Your Pets

More than half of the world’s total population keeps pets in their household. These little companions are becoming significant members of the family.  Thus, everyone wants to keep them safe and happy.  Just like children, the younger animals are particularly curious and are always tempted to bite and chew anything they can get into their mouths.  Electrical components are, at all times, at stake from growing teeth, gnawing claws and powerful beaks.

Any kind of electrical hazard is deemed detrimental to a pet’s life.  An electrical shock is a serious emergency case and animals who suffered from it should be hastily rushed to a veterinarian or animal hospital. The symptoms of an electrical shock include abnormal heart rate, loss of consciousness, difficulty in breathing and burns and if not treated immediately will result in a fatality.  Surely, no one among us would love to see our beloved little fur babies suffer or die from something that could have been prevented in the first place.  Even with our best intention to monitor and supervise these little pets, they get a habit of getting into trouble the moment they get a chance.

Here are simple but definitely helpful tips to minimise electrical dangers inside your households and protect your little furry (or feathered) friends.


Electrical safety for your pets:


1. Keep cables out of sight

One of the major electrical dangers that could get pets into trouble is electrical cords. The mischievous behaviour of animals will draw them towards chewing or batting the cords which can eventually lead to burns, shocks and even fires.  Always keep all of the wires tucked out of sight.  If hiding them behind appliances seems impossible, try pet proofing them with plastic piping.  Also, you can have them coated in distasteful substance, this way, pets are discouraged to play or get near them.  For younger pets that are going through the process of teething, buy teething toys or other safer alternatives for them to play with so they won’t be fascinated by cables and wires.

2. Be wary of mobile phone chargers

Most of us are guilty of leaving our phone chargers plugged in so we can simply use them anytime we need them.  However, this habit isn’t helpful and safe especially for our pets who’d love to play with and chew things.  Remember that even an unoccupied charger still draws a small amount of energy from the grid.  To protect both your pets and your expenses, make it a habit to charge phone a few hours before bedtime and unplug it afterward instead of leaving it charging overnight.

3. Don’t leave heating equipment unattended

Electrical equipment such as portable heaters, curling irons, hair straighteners, electric stoves and oil heaters also pose a big threat to the safety of the pets once left unattended.  Most fur babies are inclined to snuggle into warm and comfy spots and they might mistake these appliances to comfy fur warmer.  These types of electrical equipment do not cool down immediately after they have been switched off so they can absolutely cause burns when touched and even house fires when knocked over.

4. Do not allow pets to snooze beside electrical equipment

Since these furry animals are inclined to curl up on or behind warm appliances, make sure to provide them with a cosy nest on warm locations such as by the sunlit window.  In this way, they would not get a habit of curling beside computers and other appliances that can put them in danger.

5. Keep lamps off limits

Bulbs can get awfully hot and can become a fire hazard if inadvertently knocked over.  Make sure to secure lamps and any other light fixtures securely to tables and floors.  Also, do not place them into areas where the pets usually play to avoid accidents.

6. Fully plugged plugs into sockets

Partially exposed prongs could result in a shock if licked by probing tongues or snuggled by wet noses so make sure that plugs are fully plugged into sockets.  Also, avoid overloading plug sockets with extension bars because animals can accidentally tangle in wires.

7. Be thoughtful during thunder

Thunder is a scary thing for animals.  And they can be dangerous too.  Bring your pets inside your homes during bad weather so they won’t need to seek shelter in risky places outside.  Cages and chains are also vulnerable to lightning strikes so pets kept in them should be freed and kept in an enclosed building to ensure their full safety.

8. Be mindful of water

Remember that water and electricity don’t mix.  Never leave electrical devices close to sinks, bathtubs or any other place where water is regularly used.  Pets are absolutely clumsy and naughty.  In addition, in case you have an aquarium, make sure that all plugs and wirings are secured.  Moreover, always put fresh water available in their drinking plates so that they will not go roaming around the house looking for something to drink when they turn thirsty and minimise the risk posed by them accidentally knocking things over.


What to do in case your pet had an electric shock?


The moment your pet gets an electric shock, approach them with caution and care, so that initially, you will not expose yourself to the source of the shock and subsequently, you will not anguish your pet any further.  No different from human emergencies, the first component of First Aid is Danger – do not put yourself at risk or danger as well.  Agitated pets can easily make the situation worse by creating movements that are uncalled for.  Use non-conducive item to push them away from the live current, wrap them in a blanket and immediately bring them to the vet.  May I recommend now whilst there is no emergency, that you research and familiarise yourself with emergency numbers for pet hospitals, pet ambulances and where the closest is located.   During an emergency, you won’t have time to spend half an hour Googling options or finding a number.   Have it in your phone, ready to pull upon if ever needed – which will be hopefully never.

It is absolutely important to keep your environment free from all hazards because aside from the money spent in treating your pets that have been into electrical accidents, there is no compensation for the emotions whenever the life of these little furry members of the family is at risk.  In the Redlands or Bayside area and need help with your electrical components?  Call us on 0403 026 531 and we'd be happy to help.

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