15 Tips to Selling Your House

If you ever decide to selling your house, it is not always the easiest thing to do.  Aside from all the legalities involved, finding the right agent, the main difficulty lies in making the house appealing and valuable to buyers.  Most agents said that the first potential clients to look at your property may not end up being the right one or the one who puts in a genuine offer.  You most likely will have to deal with several (sometimes over a longer period of time) in order to get a suitable contract.

If you are in a hurry to sell your house, it could be a frustrating experience to wait for buyers, or worse, see buyers come and go without showing much interest. However, there are several simple things that you can do to sell your house faster – and without having to sacrifice any significant effect on your sale price.


15 Tips to Selling Your House


  1. Tidy and clean up the yard; having flowers, a fresh cut lawn is just the beginning. Ensure this occurs first before the photographs are taken.  If you can’t create an appealing photo, it makes it hard to even get people there, let alone see what is inside.  The exterior has a degree of importance, as if you cannot get someone in the door, then it doesn’t matter how great the interior is.
  1. Clean out the garage, get the carpets cleaned and make all the usual repairs that need to occur. If someone switched on something (it might be a light) and it’s not working, they will wonder what else doesn’t work?  Does the aircon work or any other item which you might not use regularly?
  1. Be realistic; does the house or perhaps the fence need a fresh coat of paint? Something as simple as a coat of paint might be the difference between buy or not.
  1. Always make your home ready-for-show at all times by being available whenever potential buyers decide to show up. Also, have your home cleaned and free from all mess and clutter that will dispirit any buyers.
  1. De-personalize your house by clearing all of your personal photos, mementos, and collections. It might come a little bit disheartening to put these things away, but you want someone viewing to feel like it could be their home – not that it’s yours!
  1. Provide a safe and great lighting system for both the interior and exterior parts. Dull and dark corners will not make any home cozy and alluring. Meanwhile, a bright and cheery room looks more spacious and inviting.
  1. Make room for storages by taking half of your stuff out and neatly organise what is left. Storage is one of the most important aspects that every buyer considers.
  1. Make sure your house smells right and good because bad smells are always a big turn off. Do not just cover up annoying odours, but fix the source of the smell. It might be mould, or dog droppings, or perhaps you adore spicy food.  Be conscious that not everyone will love those smells.
  1. Paint the house in neutral colours so that buyers will focus on the spaces and not on the colours. Not all buyers would love to see brightly dramatic tones no matter how striking they may be.  If someone is a colour person, they can add their style with cushions, towels or art.   Removing tiles or a dramatic change in paint colour is much harder.  For this reason, keep the décor simple so that buyers can imagine themselves in your home. Your personal taste of zebra prints and bright patterns might turn off people so best to pop them in storage.
  1. Highlight your home’s focal points by putting up accents and bright coloured items to draw the buyer’s eyes. A striking throw pillow can draw attention to a lovely window seat while an arresting potted plant can emphasise a fireplace. Remember again, lighting can focus on a feature as well.
  1. Develop each room into one with purpose and clearly show it to your buyers. Make your spare rooms into useful ones so that buyers can see how they can use it themselves. It might be an office, guest room, or library … but don’t let the room be seen as a ‘junk’ room as I don’t believe anyone says “I’m looking for 3 bedrooms plus a junk room”.
  1. Upgrade the kitchen and style the dining room table. They often say that when people buy a home, they basically buy the kitchen. So make sure that your kitchen looks really good and has everything in it – without it being cluttered.
  1. Make sure that the electrical system is properly inspected. All buyers want is a guarantee of a safe and secure home.
  1. Make small upgrades rather than going overboard with repairs and renovations. There are chances that you won’t get your money back if you overhaul big, so instead focus on minor repairs predominantly in the kitchen and bathroom where you are most likely to see a return on investment.
  1. Get your home ready so the buyer can easily move in. If they have to get things fixed or action major repairs, you can be assured, they will want to cut off far more from the price that that action would merit. A repair might cost you $800, but they may offer $3,000 less because of “various repairs”.  Buyers want to feel secure that they can move-in right away and start enjoying the space, rather than spending time and money fixing it.  (Unless it’s going super cheap and is essentially a ‘fixer upper’).

Try wearing the shoes of your prospective buyer and see your home as something, not yours.  Look for faults that you yourself would not want in the house and modify them.  For this reason, listen to your agent.  If they give you some tips, then be sure to take that on board.

Also, make sure that you price your property competitively.  If your home is priced too low, you will likely achieve a quick sale, but potentially not maximise your return.  However, if you price too high, you will get few offers and might have your property become stale in the market.  Remember there is the option to do searches so people will see how long it’s been on the market; the longer it’s up, the more people wonder “what’s wrong with it?”  Another important factor is to get the right timing in selling your home. They say spring is the most popular season of home-buying because of the good weather.

There is a lot going on in the real estate world (all year round) but with the right tips and professional advice, it can make life easier.  Take the time now, to self-assess, get your home up to scratch and possibly even start culling and sorting.  When it comes to selling your house, you’ll be more ready.

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