Your Home Security Checklist

As a homeowner, you may not be fully aware of how vulnerable your house is.  This makes it an important factor to regularly perform home security or safety checks to ensure utmost safety of your family and loved ones.  An often overlooked factor is when one goes out for a vacation, with no one living in the premises - times like this, it is even more important to perform these checks to make sure that your house and its contents are safe and untouched even when you are not around.


Let us now take a look at some of these home security checks that you need to carry out in general:


Your house doors must be locked at all times, be it when you are out or when you are at home, and especially at night. Lock your garage door too when you go out.

The main door of your house has wide peepholes that can be used by people of different heights.

Have keyed deadbolt locks in every single door in your house.

Have fire extinguishers in various spots around your home that can be easily accessed in case of fire.

Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your house.

Install cameras (or have peepholes) to be able to tell who is at the door before you open it.

Make sure your valuables are not kept in places wherein they can be seen easily through the windows. Remember this especially at Christmas time with gifts under the tree.

Buy doors that are made out of metal-clad or solid wood only.

Trim shrubs and bushes so that there is no place for an intruder to hide. Ensure all ladders are kept locked in your garage (don’t give burglars literally a helping hand)

Every door that leads outside the house has a bright light which is able to illuminate the visitors at night.

All windows are securely locked and have key locks that work.

Any sliding glass doors around the house have working key locks.

If you are going away or travelling then hand over spare keys to neighbours you trust and not leave them under doormats.

The area you live in is well-lit at all times. Sensor lights are great for this.

Install motion detectors or other alarm systems that can get instantly activated when you are not home and someone tries to come in.

Have your mail held at the post office for the time that you are travelling and have a neighbour collect the free newspapers so they don’t build up on the front lawn.

If you do go away, be mindful of what you do post on Facebook … sometimes we tell the world far too much!

Prepare an emergency escape plan in case someone breaks into your house.

Lock up all your outdoor valuables well which includes lawn mowers, bikes and grills.

Install a home security system for utmost security of your entire house.

Make sure that your house number is clearly displayed so that it is easier for emergency services to locate your house.

Keep your home inventory up to date and keep a copy of it in a secure place – where possible including the serial number.

Consider joining your local neighbourhood watch.

Develop relationships with neighbours; tell them when you’re away and they do the same, so you are watchful. Having their number in your phone is smart … a call or text checking in if you see someone at their place or worse, a van pulled up loading their furniture.   Alternatively, report anything suspicious to the Police or even contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Remember your best friend – a dog can be a huge deterrent for robbers. Even a small dog will be avoided due to the barking.

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