Electrician’s Tips in Installing Holiday Lights

Holidays are fantastic because of the cheer and emotions and memories that they elicit.   Decorations become more appealing when they are complemented with lights. It creates a warm and merry glow that jives with the festive season even more.

There are several design considerations for holiday light decorations. You can opt to emphasize the architectural details of your house by achieving the perfect balance. When lighting the front exterior, start at the centre and work your way out to the sides. The simple approach of highlighting the outlines of the gutter line or the peak of the roof is more effective and alluring than covering the entire house and yard in lights.

It is also a good idea to highlight landscape features. A canopy wrap of lights to decorate the shrubs and branch wrap for ornamental trees are flawless. Lighting pathways, as well as the borders of the garden beds, add a dramatic interest to the whole design. Moreover, a sculpture or a fountain with a well-executed lighting configuration is definitely a showstopper.

It is also great to consider colour scheme when it comes to lighting decorations. The perpetual favourite all-white lighting format never gets old. However, colour combinations also kept on coming back. No one can fault the lovely mix of red, white and green because these colours have always been the shade of Christmas. But the unique mix of green and blue is also a striking choice.

In addition, lighting any decorative enhancements aside from the house and yard is also a new trend. Any unambiguous attraction such as a manger, a snowman, a tunnel of lights or any yuletide-themed characters will bring creativity and festivity to a higher level.

Different kinds of lighting fixtures can enhance the design more. A miniature bulb is a great option for outdoor lighting because it cost less and consumes less energy.  Net lighting is also a fantastic choice, especially in lighting bushes and shrubs. It is an interconnected mini LED lights that can wrap over the shrubs like a blanket. Animated lighting is ideal for Nativity scenes and other Yuletide-inspired displays. It is made of wireframes that outline different shapes and scenes and are surrounded by mini lights in wonderful colours and patterns. Putting shimmer spheres on the trees will certainly cheer up the whole place. Shimmer spheres come in circular forms and are made of many lights in various sizes. Whatever kind of lighting design you choose to put up in your abode, make sure that you install them safely and appropriately.


Here are several trusted tips for installing holiday lights from a professional electrician.


1. Inspect the electrical system.

Carefully examine the wires, outlets, and plugs that you will be using.  Wires become brittle and broken when left unused or bending in the cold. If the sockets show tiny hints of sparking and heating up, call an electrician.

2. Use the right outlets.

Any outdoor lighting should be correctly plugged into a ground-fault circuit interrupter that will automatically cut the power in any event of a power spike or shortage.

3. Invest in LED bulbs.

They might come a bit pricey in the beginning but they are definitely worth it in the long run. They can last 12 times more than the traditional bulbs.

4. Avoid overloading the circuit.

Do not connect more than six strands if you are connecting strings of lights together. Do not pull the strands too far to reach the outlet. Also, do not overexert the power. If your lights continuously trip the circuit breaker, it means you have too many lights up and some must be taken down.

5. Keep connections isolated from any possible groundwater.

All lighting configurations on your lawn should be kept from water exposure and severe winter winds because these could result in electrocution.

6. Do not leave the lights burning overnight.

To save on energy, never leave them at all hours. Provide a timer so they can be put off at the right time. In addition, take them down at the end of the season when the holidays are over so that you can save the lighting fixtures for the next holiday. Regular exposure to the weather over a period of time can cause damage to the sockets, wires, and lights.

7. Separate indoor and outdoor lights.

Outdoor lights burn hotter than indoor lights. Make sure to hang the lights where they should be. For outdoor use, choose standard lights that are waterproof or water-resistant.

8. Keep extension cords out of the way.

In addition, use extension cords that are properly rated for outdoor use. Keep the connections above ground and away from snow and water. Fasten the cords across the walkways and never run them to areas where they can be easily messed with.

9. Observe caution at all times.

First, make sure that your ladder is stable and in good condition. Have a helping hand when working with ladders and keep it grounded on a solid, flat surface. Do not risk working on too steep roofs. Be prudent especially in elevated areas.

10. Consider professional help.

To ensure a safe installation that does not worry or take up so much of your time, hire a skilled electrician to do the job. It is never a waste of money to pay for a job that is well-done and secure.

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