DSE Electrical – Open for Business!

Covid-19 has certainly brought with any many challenges, but your electrical doesn’t need to be one of them.  At DSE Electrical, we are open for business and ready to assist you.

Some people are a little nervous having visitors in their home and we understand that.  We are careful to practice excellent hygiene with ensuring all our workers are in good health, keeping the 1.5 metre separation and, of course, copious use of soap and water or hand sanitizer.  When we enter your home, we take extra care upon entry and upon departure.  We also ask for your assistance in this matter; if you have experienced any ill health, symptoms of Covid-19 (such as sore throat, a temperature, cough or tiredness) please alert us when you plan to book your job.  It's important we don’t visit your home (or place of business) if anyone is unwell, as it’s essential we remain healthy to continue to visit other people.


Remember we can help with a range of products and services for your home or business including:


Extra plugs and points

Perhaps now working from home, you’ve realized your home office (or room you’re using as your place of work) does not have enough power points.  Remember, it’s unsafe to ‘piggy-back’ power boards into adaptors.  We can easily add extra points or convert a double power point to a 4 point power board.

Garden Lighting

As more people are home and have extra time, some fantastic garden projects have been underway.  To highlight your new garden, feature or revamp, lighting can really make the difference.  Give us a call and we’ll come out to discuss some amazing looking options, which really can make the difference to your outdoor space.  Remember, outdoor lighting is also great for security with sensor options that cut on when anyone enters that space – also great for yourself to safely return home at night and not fall over and break your neck!


As you’re spending more time at home now, little maintenance issues or desired upgrades are being seen.  Perhaps you’ve noticed something needing testing, upgrading or needs to be fixed.  Now is a great time as you’re home to have us come around and fix things.  Remember, we’ll practice excellent hygiene, keep you safe and ensure your home is electrically safe too!

Like to talk about any of these options, or more, give me a call on 0403 026 531 – your local trusted Redlands electrician.

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